November 5, 2019

eCommerce Jargon for Beginner

It doesn’t matter if you run a Shopify or Woocommerce Store. 

When you start running Facebook ads you will eventually need this Overview. 

Here is a list of useful Abbreviations. 

AOV – Average Order value

ATC – Add to Cart

ATV – Average Transaction Value

ATP – Average Time to Purchase

CA – Custom Audience

CBO – Campaign Budget Optimization

CLV – Customer Lifetime Value

CPA – Cost Per Acquisition

CPM – Cost Per Impression (1000)

CPC – Cost per Click

CRR – Customer Retention Rate

CSB – Courier Shipping Bill

CTC – Cost to Company

CTR – Click Through Rate

DABA – Dynamic Ad

DPA – Dynamic Product Ad

KPI – Key Performance Indicator

LAA – Look Alike Audience

LAL- Look Alike Audience

LLA – Look Alike Audience

LTV – Lifetime Value

MAU – Monthly Active Users

PPC – Pay Per Click

PPE – Page Post Engagement

PUR – Purchase

ROAS – Return on Ad Spend

ROI – Return on Investment

RVR – Repeat Visitor Ratio

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEM – Search Engine Marketing

SMO – Social Media Optimization

SKU – Stock Keeping Unit

USP – Unique Selling Proposition

WC – Website Conversion

WCA – Website Custom Audiences

VA – Virtual Assistant

VC – View Content

VTP – Visits to Purchase

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