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October 5, 2010

Looking for search engine optimization (SEO) in 2020?

Look no further.

We drive traffic to your website and target your potential customers, who are searching for your products or services on Google, Bing, Yelp and Yahoo!.

Now you may be asking what is Bing or Yahoo etc?

These are companies that are some of the worlds biggest Search Engine Platforms.

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What is search engines, you might ask?

To keep it simple, search engines are when you are looking for restaurant or a plumber. It tells you reliable information on what you may be looking for, in the specific city or area you are in. This is very powerful and can help searchers find your business Online.

This is where we place your business in these search engines.

You might be thinking, can’t I just do this myself?

Yes, you can do this yourself.

Do you also have the time to monitor it? And research what your competitors are doing?

No, you gotta run your business. Besides, if SEO was just as simple as entering keywords.

We all be doing it, right? A-course, but wait did you say keywords?

Yes, We did.

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What is a keyword?

A keyword is just word/s that you are entering into the search bar of Google. For example “what is the best restaurant in Las Vegas?” This would be a long-tailed keyword. As it gets quit specific. There is just so much you need to know when it comes to doing SEO that it may become tiring and most of all confusing. With SEO it’s not as simple as flipping a light switch on and off. There are other components which I will cover. Local SEO which is just what it says. Locally tailored to focus on the area in which your business is located. Which, unlike traditional SEO which can take 6 to 12 months before you actually start seeing results which would put you on first page of Google. Local SEO does this in half the time of traditional  SEO, putting your business on the first page in a staggering 3 to 6 months.

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Why would you want to be on first page of Google you might ask?

Let’s look at our example from earlier, ok. Now, you are looking for the best restaurant in Las Vegas. Here is the key part, we’d like to ask. Do you ever go to Page 2 of your search results? What are search results? Simply, put it’s the answer Google gave you to your question, “what are the best restaurants in Las Vegas?” remember? Now, do you go to Page 2? I think it’s safe to say, NO. Nobody ever goes to Page 2. So, this would mean you would want your business on Page 1. This is where everybody is stays. This would also show how important it is that SEO is done on your website and especially how it can take you from no customers to hundreds of customers per month. Google states it has over 1 million searches done per day. So, even if you receive 1% of million (which is 10,000) what would that do for your business? If you had that many potential customers on your website. Can We take it one step further, if 1% of 10,000 (is a 100) purchase your product or service in a month. Could you not use 100 buying customers? So now you can see how SEO can put you in front of your potential customers.

SEO is the long term race or the marathon if you will. Let’s cover what you can do for immediate results while you wait on SEO.

We use Social Media platforms. What is Social Media?

Social media is websites that allow people to share and create content thru networking. One big social media platform is Facebook. You can advertise to potential customers right here on this platform.

You ask how?

By using ads.

Most people do this, and run ads for 3 days, then after three days they quit. And you will hear them say that they saw no results from their ads. First, you can’t do 3 days of advertising and expect someone to respond your ad, it just doesn’t  work that way. Truth is nobody will see your ad. Especially if if you ran it for 3 days at 5 dollars a day. You need an expert who has dealt with running ads and is successful, you want a Social Media Manager.

Let us look into what are some key elements in running ads on Facebook:

1. Researching ie hash tags, your niche, your competitors ad, split a/b testing

2. Content Marketing ie video, proper ad copy.

3. Engagement ie pictures vs video.

4. Advertising knowing also what ads Facebook falls in with there compliance.

5.  Measuring ie KPIs, Metrics, & analytics.    

This is so important in knowing this sets the tone for a successful campaign. Besides Facebook there are other social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest etc. List can go on and on.

Which one is right for your business?

Well, that simply comes from knowing what is the goal you have in mind. For example: are you head hunting and wish to speak with decision makers (which is usually CEOs & Business Owners)? You would want to use LinkedIn platform. Or are you looking for a customer that loves bungee chord jumping and wants to cross this off their wish list? Then you’d wanna use Facebook as they would have joined a Facebook group. So we would target them. Surprised? Yes, you can target people through your ads.

So this is why you need to have a dedicated social media manager that would know & understand what you are trying to accomplish and will get you results by putting your business in front of your potential customer.

We’re end here, with this article we do hope this paints a clear picture into how SEO & Social Media management are so important and just as important is choosing the right people to run this for you.

If you have questions just tap on the icon in the right corner or just hit the let’s talk button & LET’S TALK on scaling your business, Today!

Author Rob Lowe owner of DaDigital Marketer 

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