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July 13, 2021

8 Tips for Instagram Marketing

There are some dramatic changes in the product marketing methodologies in the past two decades.

The advent of social media platforms has changed the whole landscape of marketing, and businesses prefer digital marketing over traditional marketing.

Amongst all the popular social media platforms, Instagram is considered to have the highest quality of traffic because of its easy user interface and high quality.

It was launched in 2010 and has achieved massive success in the digital marketing arena. However, people face difficulties while promoting their products and services on Instagram.

Therefore, I have jotted down a few tips to make your marketing campaigns more effective and fruitful on Instagram.

1. Define Your Target Audience

Before diving into Instagram marketing, you must know exactly who is your target audience.

For instance, if you are selling perfumes, you must know your audience’s demographics and psychographics to make the marketing campaign more effective.

This is a critical step that acts as the foundation for successful Instagram marketing.

Once you identify your actual prospective customers, you can take all essential steps to make a sale.

Therefore, thorough research is critical to figure out the real audience can pay off quickly.

2. Use High-Quality Content

Content is the king, and it is so true in the case of Instagram marketing.

If your posts are of high quality with correct hashtags, then there is no doubt that they will get noticed and ranked on Instagram.

Unfortunately, many people do not focus on this aspect and are more concerned about the consistency of the posts.

However, Instagram users are more concerned about quality than quantity.

You can share one post a day, but it should be highly engaging. The engagement of the audience determines the success of your Instagram marketing.

Therefore, visually compelling content should be your priority. I

t does not necessarily mean that you should hire a professional photographer, but the pictures and videos should be clear, crisp, and eye-catching. 

3. Always Use a Business Profile

If your sole purpose is to sell your products or services on Instagram, you must sign up for a business profile instead of a personal account.

This will allow you to use the feature of Instagram Shop, which is not available on personal accounts. You can showcase your products and let your prospective clients make a purchase instantly.

This feature has done wonders for small businesses and startups, and they have generated a considerable amount of cash flow through it.

A shop button appears on your business account, and you access 130 million Instagram users who tap on the shopping post monthly. 

4. Stay relevant To Brand

As I mentioned earlier, content is the king, and it is the make or breaks for your business on Instagram.

Unfortunately, people sometimes get too much involved in creating quality content that they forget their brand’s essence.

All of your posts should portray your branding, and there should be consistency in it.

I am not saying that you should not think out of the box, but your posts should be relevant to your business.

If you are selling nail polish, your posts should contain at least one element pertinent to your product, like color, glitter, etc.

5. Choose a Theme and Stick to it

Being a marketer, you cannot focus on everything because it wastes time and effort. The best strategy is to pick a suitable theme and audience segments.

You need to create an aura for your Brand through your Instagram page. For instance, a bookselling page can post the famous quotes from their bestselling books and add details in the caption.

This way, your page remains consistent, and clients know what to expect from your posts.

This is just one example, and you can mold your product accordingly. The key is to retain consistency in your content, and there should not be anything off.

6. Collaborate with Influencers

Instagram is the hub of influencers who promote the products by charging a minimal amount.

If you are a startup, you can always take help from these influencers to help you get good traffic. These influencers already have a massive following, and it is easy for you to capitalize on it.

Hiring an influencer is one of the most compelling and straightforward ways to promote your business through Instagram. However, you must choose the influencer carefully in accordance with your product.

This can be tricky sometimes because if you target a certain age bracket and an influencer does not have much following within that category, it can be problematic. So, a little homework is a must before pursuing this direction. 

7. Engage Audience Through Stories

There are a lot of pages that share one post and 30 plus stories a day. The reason is that the age of the story is limited, and it disappears after 24 hours, so there is no mess on the business account page.

Also, users tend to watch stories consistently, like if there are 10 stories in a row, they will watch them all in one go.

Instagram stories feature has the caliber to draw a huge audience and is very effective.

This feature proved to be very effective in the marketing arena and allows you to share your brand’s daily activities and keep your audience engaged.

You can also share the limited discounts through these stories and promote them via paid advertisement as well.

8. Post at the Right Time

The post timing is very critical, and it depends on the targeted area. Therefore, if you target a particular state or region, you must be well aware of the timings.

In addition, the best time to share a post or a story depends on the type of industry you are operating in. For instance, if you are in food and beverages, you must post at 12 pm, which is almost lunchtime, and people decide what to eat.

Similarly, you need to identify the critical timings according to your industry in which clients are in decision-making mode. This is a critical step, and most people do not pay much attention to it.

However, it is a make or breaks for your Instagram marketing campaign.

Final Thoughts

There is not much room for mistakes in the digital marketing arena because of the high competition.

I have tried to share some of the essential tips which can provide some promising results. You can apply these tips to stay ahead of your competition.

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