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May 19, 2021

Why businesses must invest in Instagram

Benefits of Instagram For Your Business And Why You Should Hire Instagram Agency

If you analyze the earlier business marketing techniques, you will not find much difference.

For almost 50 years, there were minimal changes in the way marketing works.

However, with the advent of social media platforms, everything changed in few years. All the previous marketing techniques are now outdated and ineffective.

Social media marketing is so powerful and effective that it has increased the productivity of manifolds.

Earlier, only small businesses used social media marketing to promote their businesses. But now every big company can be seen in the landscape promoting their products and services.

Especially, product promotion on Instagram is a hot topic for social media marketers. It is amongst the top 3 social media platforms for advertising businesses.

However, people still have doubts about its capabilities and the results it can bring. Therefore, I have jotted down few points to help you understand the benefits of Instagram for your business and why you should hire an Instagram agency.

Benefits on being on Instagram

Appealing Visuals

Instagram is one of those social media platforms that started as a mobile application. Therefore, its interface is inclined towards the mobile screens.

People nowadays use social media applications on phones to share their photos and videos. The best part of Instagram is that it is photo-centric.

You would not find any other social media platform that solely consists of photos and videos.

This unique feature of Instagram is supported by its high-quality UI/UX to which people are very addicted.

The average usage of Instagram by a user is around 28 to 30 minutes, providing ample time for social media marketing. Therefore, you can observe many businesses thriving on Instagram.

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There are around 9 million photos and videos posted on Instagram every day. There are about 1 billion Instagram users all around the globe. So, you can imagine the impact of Instagram on your business. If you are using quality content with good SEO, there is no doubt the masses will access it.

The high engagement rate on Instagram makes it a viable option for social media marketing.  The engagement rate of Instagram is higher than that of Facebook, which is the sole reason businesses are tempted to invest money in it.

Highly Targeted

71% of Instagram users are below 35 years of age. These people are energetic and can buy the products if you are successful in convincing them. You get advanced targeting options on Instagram, which makes your life even more accessible.  This allows you to target those people only who fall in your ideal customer profile.

So, it ensures that the money you are spending is not wasted. This feature has made Instagram an ideal place for business promotion. Although this feature is also available on Facebook but the age category is far more disperse on it. Therefore, businesses that are locating young buyers always come to Instagram for hunting.

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Heavy Traffic

The 1 billion user base in a short span is indeed a huge success for Instagram, which started as a small social media app. Unlike other social media platforms, there is no distraction on Instagram because no other content is allowed other than photos and videos.

The clean user interface is the reason behind this heavy traffic. People find this app very simple and easy to use. Even the updates on the Instagram app are kept clean and straightforward. Businesses can get access to millions of targeted audiences which makes Instagram a viable option for advertisement.

Collaboration with Influencers

Influencer marketing has been viral for the past couple of years. There are social media influencers more than ever. They are providing social media marketing to new and old brands. It helps these businesses to gain recognition in masses.

Instagram is a hub of social media influencers and celebrity accounts. Social media influencers on Instagram are more famous than any other platform. It provides a unique opportunity for businesses to partner with these influencers. With a huge fan following on Instagram, your product gets access to the masses.

These influencers can charge you some money, but the benefit you can reap from their mass reach is vast. If you hire reputable influencers, they can skyrocket your sales within days. People religiously follow these influencers and trust the products they endorse. Therefore, the collaboration of a business with influencers is a win-win scenario for both parties.

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Gone are those days when you require complicated optimization of your keywords. Although it is still a critical issue in other platforms on Instagram, it is pretty straightforward. There is a simple feature known as hashtags that helps you to increase your visibility on the platform.

Giants like Coca-Cola, Levis, and Calvin Klein use this feature to launch their marketing campaigns. Similarly, small brands also capitalize on this feature by identifying the right keywords with minimal effort and using them in hashtags. The proper use of hashtag features can do wonders for a business.

There are countless success stories in the past in which businesses skyrocketed their sales within days using this feature. You can make your company unique by using unique hashtags and build customer trust around it by providing quality services.

Hiring an Instagram Agency

Now you have a clear idea regarding the benefits of Instagram for your business. It is time for you to find the right Instagram agency which can provide an excellent Instagram agency. Although you can launch a campaign yourself but hiring an expert for the job is always recommended.

I have jotted down several reasons for which one should hire an Instagram agency to fulfill the need.

instagram expert


There is no denying that an Instagram agency is an expert in the digital marketing space. The business landscape is competitive more than ever, and one cannot simply afford to make mistakes. A slight misconception or mistake can cost you thousands of dollars which can sink your profit margins.

Therefore leaving the job to an expert is the perfect strategy for any business. Although you can hire internal marketers, they would have little experience, and you cannot perform at full throttle.

Low Cost

Imagine hiring a full-time marketer for your Instagram campaigns. You are liable to give salaries and all the employee-related benefits. However, there is still no guarantee of the success of these campaigns. On the other hand, hiring an Instagram agency opens a new gateway to successful campaigns and fresh ideas.

Once the campaign is done, you are not liable to pay any further and can part ways with the agency. Therefore, the cost of hiring an Instagram agency is far lower than hiring a full-time resource for the job.

Best Practices

Digital marketing is a fast-paced industry, and one cannot simply rely on the old methodologies. The continuous evolvement in social media marketing demands high skilled people who can create and follow best practices. Instagram seems to be a very straightforward and simple social media platform, but the advertising phenomenon is far more complicated than one can think.

You might lose money in it by not following the best strategies. Therefore, you need to hire an Instagram agency to cater to your social media marketing needs.


Digital marketing agencies, especially Instagram agencies, have rich hands-on experience to deal with competition. There can be hundreds of businesses with the same template and visibility. You need to build your own brand to differentiate yourself from these brands to reach maximum people on Instagram.

Instagram agencies have prior knowledge of the tactics used by the competitors because they had worked with hundreds of clients. They possess rich insights which can help you stand in the crowd. This will save your time and money and bring incredible results in the form of higher sales, which is the end goal of a business.


Most of the Instagram users are young people who are attracted by creative content. People will ignore an advertisement with the same bland visuals. An Instagram agency possesses a creativity department with people from all backgrounds who provide different perspectives.

This allows the generation of content that is far more visible and different than that of the competition. These agencies have good knowledge of color schemes and trends, which allows them to generate some high-quality posts. These posts are eye-catching and hire clickthrough rate. Once the client is directed to your page or website, the chances are high that they will buy if your product is good.

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Immediate Start 

Time is the most precious asset. Businesses can incur huge losses if they do not launch the campaigns at the right time. Most of the campaign failures are caused by delays in launches. This allows the competitors to throw the idea earlier. An in-house team cannot provide a high speed to campaign launch because they need to figure out everything while maintaining their primary responsibilities.

Hiring an Instagram agency releases the stress. These agencies can tailor new ideas and also apply the existing one which best fit the client requirements. They tend to work at a fast pace and meet deadlines. Therefore, it is a wise decision to take help from an Instagram agency to launch the campaign so you can increase the chances of success.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is indeed one of the most powerful tools for promoting the business to a young audience. With more than 1 billion user base, it provides an opportunity for new and existing businesses to test their products and services. You can find thousands of success stories of companies that thrived from Instagram marketing.

I have tried to provide you the most significant benefits of using Instagram for business and the advantages of taking the help of an Instagram agency. The competition is high on Instagram, so are the opportunities. You need tailor-made marketing campaigns through which you can get noticed by the users.

The target audience should be defined, and you must put your money to sell those only because you cannot sell to everyone. The use of the right strategy and updated tools is a must to stay in the game.

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