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February 4, 2021

Marketing Trends For 2021

The year 2020 proved to be one of the most challenging ones in human history. There is a massive transition in the working of businesses all around the globe. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us some of the most important lessons. Especially the business community is now more aware and alert regarding their business models.

The year 2020 changed the whole landscape of the marketing world. There was massive unemployment across the globe. However, there is a question regarding the authenticity of the new marketing techniques. The results of these new marketing techniques were impressive, and according to experts, these techniques will exponentially grow in the year 2021. I have jotted down some of the coming marketing trends in 2021, which will take over the business world.

marketing trends selling through social media

Selling through Social Media

Social media platforms have provided an excellent opportunity for businesses to do targeted marketing. They can get all the insights of their prospective clients and can sell them through tempting advertisements. This is a very effective method because most people love to spend time on social media.

They are always online on their smartphones, and the advertisements can be targeted according to their searching history. This method has been advantageous during the year 2020, when people were bound to stay at home. There was a massive increase in online selling through social media platforms. The majority of the traffic on the eCommerce websites were coming through the social media platform.

This allowed many businesses to flourish during the year 2020. This will trend in the year 2021 because more players are in the market who are willing to invest a considerable amount of money in social media campaigns.

Marketing through Freelancers

Thousands of businesses around the globe shut down affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This resulted in massive unemployment in the whole world. However, there was enormous growth in online businesses, which ultimately gave the virtual assistants chances.

Online freelancing on digital platforms allowed people to run their kitchen in a critical time. Online freelancing was initially relatively immature; however, the structure is getting organized in the past few months. More people are attracted to online earning. 

Businesses are also preferring these freelancers because they are cost-effective and provide promising results as well. Therefore, the future of marketing through freelancers seems brighter than ever.

selling and marketing of virtual event and coaching

Virtual Events

Gone are those days when companies had to spend millions of dollars on marketing events. There has been a drastic change in how these marketing events work. The real aim of these events is to convey the message of the business to the people. So, they can ultimately purchase the products.

However, businesses have been very successful in gaining the same engagement by conducting virtual events. The cost of these virtual events is minor as compared to physical events. Therefore, the ROI of these marketing efforts are more than ever imagined before. 

In view of the businesses‘ success through these virtual events, most brands are attracted to this technique. Therefore, virtual events are going to trend in the year 2021.

Augmented Reality

There have been many efforts for the past couple of years to commercialize augmented reality (AR). There is a considerable contribution from companies like Facebook to bring AR to life. And they are successful in doing so. Therefore, 2021 is the right time for launching AR technology to the masses.

AR is going to trend in 2021 for formulating marketing and sales strategies. Customers can try on makeup, clothes, and home-related products without making any contact. This is a unique experience with promising customer engagement. Therefore, companies do not need to keep a lot of inventory and follow the real-time inventory model to keep up with customer demands.

Feedback System 

There have been a lot of players in the market. Especially during the year 2020, a lot of eCommerce businesses came into the landscape. Hence it became essential for the companies to distinguish themselves from the competition to achieve that uniqueness. Customers love to purchase from brands who actually listen to their feedback and improve the product accordingly.

Therefore, many successful businesses have started listening to the end consumers. There has introduced a feedback system on every product to make sure that they are meeting their clients’ expectations. This feedback system has proven to be a handy marketing tool.

Given the earlier success of the feedback marketing, other players in the market are going to adopt the system as well. Therefore, this is going to a trending marketing technique in 2021.

influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing

Although this is an old term and has been in use for the past decade. But in the past couple of years, the intensity of influencer marketing has increased significantly. This is a type of word of mouth marketing in which an influencer says positive things about your product and convince his followers to try it. Some of the most prevalent social media platforms are:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Whatsapp
  • TikTok

This is an effective way of marketing because there are dozen of other social media platforms on which you can find credible influencers. They come in all price ranges and niches. Influencer marketing is a sure way to promote the product within the budget and promising results. Therefore, it is undoubtedly going to trend in the year 2021.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence has been a buzzword for the past two decades; however, we have seen its implementation in 2019 and 2020. It allows the companies to market the product following the shopping habit of the consumers. AI technology has also been used in chatbots, where no human involvement is required.

This allowed the companies to respond to consumers within seconds, which was not possible before. Especially in the year 2020, a large number of companies implemented AI in their sales cycle and seen significant growth in the overall revenue.

AI’s problem was that it required significant time to get perfect because it learns from the previous experience. However, it is observed that the time has come to implement the AI on a mass level. So, it will be the next big thing in the corporate world and will surely be a marketing trend in 2021.

IoT Advertisement

Apart from mobile devices and computers, there has been a third way through which you can show your ads to prospective clients. The past three years proved to be a boom in wearable devices like smartwatches, smart eyewear, and wearable cameras. These devices fall in the category of the internet of things (IoT).

These devices are affordable more than ever and allow the companies to showcase their services through advertisements on these devices. Restaurants can track the location of the person and show the tempting food on the screen. It has been useful for the past couple of months and provided some promising results. Therefore, it is undoubtedly going to trend in the year 2021.

Final Thoughts

The year 2020 was indeed one of the most challenging years in human history. The business community was affected by it to a large extent. However, it fast-paced the new marketing processes and allowed people to promote the products better and effectively. 

This article has provided some of the most effective marketing methods that will trend in the year 2021. These digital transformations have allowed us to be more confident about these marketing techniques’ authenticity in the past year. Some of the methods are functioning – paving their way to a new marketing world. This indicates that the world is ready to take on any challenge like COVID-19 in a productive manner. 

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